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Wrapping up

Wrapping up – bringing things to a close – completing a cycle. All these are natural processes in life, and they come with their fair share of a sense of loss, sadness, and emptiness. Last weekend I packed Mum’s personal belongings away. It was really emotional. As I folded each piece, I spoke to the experience and in retrospect wished that I had thanked each item for accompanying Mum on her journey. I am reminded by my son, that no one is getting out alive. I want to be celebrated when my time is up. So at this point in time, I choose to celebrate Mum and move forward. Celebrate: The life, the time, the experience that I was blessed with to have with Mum. Move Forward: As those doors shut, I choose to open doors to abundance, blessings and opportunities. I commit to #LIVING, #GROWING and #GIVING As I move forward, I will protect my loved ones by loving them, and sharing my wishes with them. I will #INTENTIONALLY live, grow and give in every aspect of my life.

Lessons Learnt:

1. My life should count for something – Live

2. Everyday I will learn something new – Grow

3. Mentorship, Coaching and Gratitude is my daily portion – Giving


Lucy is a Co- Author of Wealth Footprints Volume 1, (and is working on her second book), a certified Life Coach, a Mentor and Facilitator. She founded ELEMCEE Consultancy with a vision to help build women by empowering them into transformation.

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