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Episode 5 – Social Skills – #tuesdaytalksatthree

IG LIVE @lucy.macridis

In this session, we seek to apply mindfulness beyond ourselves. The leading question is: How well do you connect with strangers? Join me on IG LIVE at 3 PM EAT and let us get talking.

Episode 4 – Empathy vs Mindfulness


Compassionate Empathy is what we strive for. It concerns our intellect, our emotions and our actions. As Daniel Goleman said - “With this kind of empathy we not only understand a person’s predicament and feel with them, but are spontaneously moved to help, if needed.” Where will you practice Compassionate Empathy in the following days? […]

Episode 3 – Mindful Motivation

IG LIVE @lucy.macridis

A gentleman by the name Jim Rohn said – The best motivation is self motivation.   Question? What does that look like for you?