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My #Dream came true But hold on….was that it? The moment of actualization was all of 30 minutes!!!! I felt short changed As a #LifeCoach, I have a CLARITY program that advocates for dusting your dream off the shelf, putting together a plan and executing. Identify – Plan – Execute My Life Coaching is founded on my personal #experiences

You see whereas #CHANGE is constant, #GROWTH is a #choice, and one will not grow whilst in their comfort zone. My mother would in her wisdom encourage me to get better grades. Her take was that if I could aim at an extra 2 points per subject per term/semester, I would end the year measuring growth.

Wrapping up - bringing things to a close - completing a cycle. All these are natural processes in life, and they come with their fair share of a sense of loss, sadness, and emptiness. Last weekend I packed Mum's personal belongings away. It was really emotional. As I folded each piece, I spoke to the

As I prepared for the final Master Class on #COREVALUES that I am running tomorrow ( Saturday 29th May), I found myself lost in thought on matters #accountability. What held my thoughts is the way accountability is tied to Core Values in such a profound manner, yet many a time, we gloss over it, using

ALCON: a US military standard abbreviation for ‘ALL CONCERNED’ I heard it today for the first time. I was attending a requiem service for a childhood friend. His work colleagues gave him a befitting tribute and referred to him as ALCON, simply and purely because he was that guy that made sure the office operated

"The death of a loved one is an amputation" C.S Lewis Unbeknown to me as I hosted a #tuesdaytalksatthree session earlier this year, I was actually being blessed with some fundamental truths on grief. My guest - Roseanne Katunge - Grief Expert - Rozana's Lounge shared: ??Grief is a natural process - it is normal ??The worst grief