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Truths on Grief

“The death of a loved one is an amputation” C.S Lewis Unbeknown to me as I hosted a #tuesdaytalksatthree session earlier this year, I was actually being blessed with some fundamental truths on grief.

My guest – Roseanne Katunge – Grief Expert – Rozana’s Lounge shared:

??Grief is a natural process – it is normal

??The worst grief is yours

 ??Grief is life changing

 ??It cannot be fixed

??Grief has no timelines

Where there is love, invariably there will be grief and loss. Though the pain diminishes over time, one is left with moments of grief, and these in turn allow you to remember your loved one. Your conversations will include their names, you will share moments and memories on recall with those around you. The grieving process frees up energy that is bound to the loss. Loosing my mother is akin to amputation. It is one month today, since her passing, and I am experiencing waves of #sadness and #emptiness. It is surreal – I am grieving. The fundamental truths of that session are my reality today, and I am grateful that I was listening, and taking note.

Lessons learnt:

1. Everyday we learn something, and you will be able to apply that learning immediately or in the near future to your benefit.

 2. Stay Present.


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