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Having Clarity on what you want to do and going ahead and doing it are 2 very distinctive things that we must all consider. ‘Purpose’ is the reason for being.  This is the buzz word, and especially during this pandemic, most people have had these conversations with #self ?Do you know your reason for being? ?Are you intentionally

SUCCESS is relative.This is an appreciation that one must have, failure to which, one will only find confusion, perhaps anger, or even great bitterness. Parents have great plans for their children. And if truth be told, these plans are either based on their regrets or their current successes. The things they did not achieve, will be the

My #Dream came true But hold on….was that it? The moment of actualization was all of 30 minutes!!!! I felt short changed As a #LifeCoach, I have a CLARITY program that advocates for dusting your dream off the shelf, putting together a plan and executing. Identify – Plan – Execute My Life Coaching is founded on my personal #experiences

You see whereas #CHANGE is constant, #GROWTH is a #choice, and one will not grow whilst in their comfort zone. My mother would in her wisdom encourage me to get better grades. Her take was that if I could aim at an extra 2 points per subject per term/semester, I would end the year measuring growth.