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Entrepreneurship is a PRACTICE


….the actual application or use of an idea, belief or method, as opposed to theories relating to it...

I love to PRACTICE.

My career gave me the opportunity to be hands on and apply knowledge of target markets that were primary and emerging for the end game of positively impacting our bottom line, in a sustainable manner.

This PRACTICE culminated to metrics like RGI, ARI, GOP, NPS, RevPAR and so on. It was the PRACTICE at work that made these metrics have meaning. These metrics kept all the stakeholders informed and abreast with the health of the business.

Today I run my own business and though I do not have metrics yet, I have targets which I work towards (Old Habits die hard)

I PRACTICE Structure and I have seen the fruits of doing so.

The shift from employee to entrepreneur has however added a different dynamic.

I realize now more than ever, that in order for me to keep this ‘Entrepreneur’ wheel turning, I need to:

  1. Take care of myself (I am the company’s number 1 asset, and I need to be physically and mentally fit)
  2. Set routines – of how I carry out my tasks, duties, etc etc (be prepared and actively apply foresight)
  3. Have a risk appetite (still a scary aspect, but very much needed)

Clarity Coach Lucy


Lucy is a Co- Author of Wealth Footprints Volume 1, (and is working on her second book), a certified Life Coach, a Mentor and Facilitator. She founded ELEMCEE Consultancy with a vision to help build women by empowering them into transformation.

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