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Wrapping up - bringing things to a close - completing a cycle. All these are natural processes in life, and they come with their fair share of a sense of loss, sadness, and emptiness. Last weekend I packed Mum's personal belongings away. It was really emotional. As I folded each piece, I spoke to the

As I prepared for the final Master Class on #COREVALUES that I am running tomorrow ( Saturday 29th May), I found myself lost in thought on matters #accountability. What held my thoughts is the way accountability is tied to Core Values in such a profound manner, yet many a time, we gloss over it, using

ALCON: a US military standard abbreviation for ā€˜ALL CONCERNEDā€™ I heard it today for the first time. I was attending a requiem service for a childhood friend. His work colleagues gave him a befitting tribute and referred to him as ALCON, simply and purely because he was that guy that made sure the office operated

"The death of a loved one is an amputation" C.S Lewis Unbeknown to me as I hosted a #tuesdaytalksatthree session earlier this year, I was actually being blessed with some fundamental truths on grief. My guest - Roseanne Katunge - Grief Expert - Rozana's Lounge shared: ??Grief is a natural process - it is normal ??The worst grief

This past week I heard the phrase #justenough during my dearly departed Motherā€™s wake. We were looking at her illness journey and marveling at how the finances were always JUST ENOUGH to cover the bills. This was true every time. In fact she always said that she had JUST ENOUGH. She lived by this principle.