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Part Two: Accountability 💡Limiting Beliefs are not the truth about you. In my Coaching sessions, I help you unpack your limiting beliefs, consider other perspectives and have a choice of narratives to replace those beliefs. The session will always end with #accountability. This means that you the Coachee, will need to commit to the heavy lifting. Taking personal

Part Three: It is not true❗ Limiting beliefs are fundamental thoughts that we have about ourselves, others and the world, that limit us in moving forward. One of the most common beliefs is that ‘I am not good enough’. These thoughts are formed from events in our lives that shape our thinking and are reinforced over time

Part One: Winnowing Thoughts can be very distractive if not channeled well. Imagine a situation where everything is happening simultaneously and there are so many moving parts. Thoughts are seemingly running amok. Now onto that add an emotional state from a previous situation that has not been addressed. This melting pot can be quite volatile and may even cause

Part Three: Doing I recently did a LIVE session on #existing vs #thriving and my call to action was ‘stop being in it’. This reminded me of my Business Management classes where my Professor would always insist that the focus was working on the #business and not in it. The thought process here is that when you

Part Two: Saboteur When you look up the meaning of #Saboteur, you will come across this definition - 'a person who deliberately destroys or obstructs something' – at least that is what I found online. I refer to this because this is exactly what I had happen to me whenever I laid out my plans. I ended up not

Part Three: Margin of Error When running surveys, companies allow for a degree of deviation from the exact sample number.  I have had my fair share of dabbling in surveys in my role as Committee Chair in various Associations.  The deviation that I worked with was anywhere between 3 and 5%.  This was the guiding margin