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Explore Your Gut

Part Two: Doing what I love.

✨Referencing the quote by Marc Anthony – ‘If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life’…..just fuels my calling.

As I pen this, it is Sunday night, and I really ought to be winding down and preparing to call it a night in great anticipation of tomorrow.

Instead, I am typing away with so much intensity as though it were early morning. I am so energized as I plan my week and lay out the road map. I love what I am doing and I am fulfilled doing what I love.

What is it, you might ask❓ It is helping to build one another.

I am a Transformational Coach and I help women get unstuck and onto their true potential by unlocking their limiting beliefs. It is a journey of conversations with my clients, (mostly difficult) but ones that need to be had for growth to happen.

✔️I am also a trainer, and I build content around Personal Development.

Figuring this out was a journey of Self Awareness in itself. I enlisted the services of a Coach to help me out, and I was able to tap into my purpose in so many ways. It was an exploration of my inner self, that led me to see both my light and shadow parts.

📌It was a journey of coming to self, that tested me beyond anything I ever thought possible.

I related to singer Michael Jackson’s song – ‘Man in the Mirror’ – in my case – ‘Woman in the Mirror”

📌I did not like what I saw, and what I liked, I questioned, I doubted. My Coach, (in fact it was my Coaches), yes, I doubted the process at one point and enlisted a second and third Coach.

Despite this, the same things still came to the fore. It was time to make a change and grow. It is said that change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

Knowing was liberating and it was time to put it into action. I continue to be so inspired and motivated to wake up in the morning to show up in my purpose, at times to my own detriment.


Lucy is a Co- Author of Wealth Footprints Volume 1, (and is working on her second book), a certified Life Coach, a Mentor and Facilitator. She founded ELEMCEE Consultancy with a vision to help build women by empowering them into transformation.

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