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The Power Of Influence – Negotiation Mastery Series

IG LIVE @lucy_yourclaritycoach

How have you applied influence at a¬†#negotiation¬†table? ūüďĆIdentifying underlying interests transforms conflicts from adversarial stand-offs into collaborative¬†#problem-solving opportunities, fostering¬†#sustainable¬†#resolutions. Join me ¬†as we consider the various ways to apply¬†#influence¬†for positive¬†#outcomes.

Challenges – #tuesdaytalksatthree – Adaptability and Change Management Series

IG LIVE @lucy_yourclaritycoach

We often find ourselves trying to adapt to change, however we find it challenging to change direction quickly, and this is because we are attached to our plans and find letting go hard. Join me on #tuesdaytalksatthree for 3 tried and tested skills to help you pivot in the face of change.

Unmasking Imposter Syndrome

Are you ready to break free from self doubt and step into your authentic power? Then this session is for you.