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Episode 3 of the WellWoman Series

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We continue to celebrate Women Health this March. In today's episode, Health Coach Fred introduces us to Probiotics and Prebiotics. Check out the episode on IG or the recording on YouTube - ELEMCEE Consultancy

Episode 2 – The WellWoman Series

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Getting support is key in managing Blood Pressure. Your family, work colleagues, community are important.  The stigma that makes us keep this condition to ourselves, only serves to rob us of the opportunity to manage, and even be fully healed.   Join Health Coach Fred Gichuki and I as we speak about maintaining a healthy […]

Episode 1 – WellWoman Series

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How to balance Sugar Levels and avoid Diabetes. In this episode oof #tuesdaytalksatthree, Health Coach Fred Gichuki share 2 main takeaways:  Make ME Time a thing Rethink your Diet Watch and learn more.