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Who Must Go!!! – #tuesdaytalksatthree

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How can you practically overcome deadlocks in negotiations? Join me on #tuesdaytalksatthree as bring the Negotiation Mastery Series to a close Lucy, Your Clarity Coach

Assertiveness – #tuesdaytalksatthree

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What does assertiveness look like for you? Assertiveness in negotiation ensures that your needs and boundaries are respected while maintaining a respectful and collaborative atmosphere. Join me on #tuesdaytalksatthree as we unpack 3 ways to assert oneself at the negotiation table. Lucy, Your Clarity Coach

The Power Of Influence – Negotiation Mastery Series

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How have you applied influence at a¬†#negotiation¬†table? ūüďĆIdentifying underlying interests transforms conflicts from adversarial stand-offs into collaborative¬†#problem-solving opportunities, fostering¬†#sustainable¬†#resolutions. Join me ¬†as we consider the various ways to apply¬†#influence¬†for positive¬†#outcomes.